User Research fundamentals

Learn the end to end user research process, develop strong skills to easily conduct good research.


This live (real-time, not pre-recorded) course is intended for people with no previous knowledge of user research and who need to get core skills to get started at researching users themselves. Built over 2 modules, which can be taken either as an all-inclusive intensive course, or split over several sessions, this course will equip participants with core techniques allowing them to tackle simple briefs and build their skills and experience. For people with existing research experience, we recommend the Improvers course.

Best for

People with no to little research experience, who would like to gain the necessary skills to either conduct research themselves, or understand research presented back to them. Also great for those who haven't done research in a long time and want to spruce up rusted skills.

UX designers, Product designers, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Marketing executives, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters.


  • Intro module:

    • Demystifying user research, difference with market research

    • Introducing the 5 steps of the user research process

  • Core module:

    • The 5 steps of the user research process

      1. The brief

      2. Selecting and preparing a research activity

      3. Running the activity and collecting data as you go (fundamentals)

      4. Collating and analysing the data (techniques and tools)

      5. Sharing the research and results

    • Leveraging existing data and research people in the organisation

Course format and fees

  • Introductory module, available in person or remote (real-time, not pre-recorded).
    1 session
    , duration 3 hours. Fee: 249€ including VAT (202€ exc. VAT). Reference URM1.

  • Core module - requires previous participation to the introductory module and some preparation -. Available only remotely (real-time, not pre-recorded).
    3 remote sessions (real-time, not pre-recorded)
    , duration 3 hours each. Fee for the full module: 990€ including VAT (805€ exc. VAT). Reference URM2.

  • 2 days intensive course combining both modules, available in-person only. Fee: 1390€ including VAT (1130€ exc. VAT). Reference URFI.

Certificate of completion

A digital certificate will be provided after full attendance of the course, ready to be added to, for example, LinkedIn. A printed version will be delivered to participants of the in-person courses, or can be mailed for 10€.