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User research is the secret ingredient of business success

Have you ever heard around your organisation 'We keep an eye on analytics!' or 'Our salespeople tell us what our users need!'? It might sound familiar, yet missing out on users and customers real intents and purposes can arise when we rely solely on analytics or second-hand anecdotes. And misunderstandings can pose risks to your business. 

To gain deeper insights and mitigate these risks, consider investing in user research services like ours: We are a user research consultancy with a lead researcher with over 10 years experience, who also provide training courses and open classes to empower our clients into making better informed product and strategy decisions

Our commitment to meticulous, unbiased research is designed to dissolve uncertainty, allowing stakeholders to make informed executive and strategic decisions based on reliable, real-world data.

How we can help you with user research

We conduct research on your behalf with your existing customers or users, or with people who are not yet your customer or users but should or could be, or in the case of early-stage innovation projects we help you discover who your target market is, and increase the product-market fit. 

We also coach and train individuals and teams in user research processes and practices, so your organisation can continue successfully researching users over time. 

The methodologies and frameworks we work in

We provide research that works particularly well with approaches such as Agile and Lean Product Management, Design Thinking, Continuous Discovery, Design Sprints, Lean Startup, Customer Development and Agile methodologies amongst other.

We conduct our research involving stakeholders as much or as little as they'd like, depending on priorities and capabilities

Our reports are made for businesses, not publication in scientific journals. We will always provide our customers with the raw data and the analysis framework, and will always start with the Executive Summary that we know everyone wants.

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Our Key Services

We run user research projects to equip you with the insights you need to make confident executive and strategic decisions rooted in robust data. We customise our approach to your specific needs, goals and resources, run the research from inception to analysis, provide you with user-friendly insights and recommendations that are straightforward to implement and. finally help you socialise findings internally for maximum impact.

2. Coaching teams aND PEOPLE

Developing a user research capability within an organisation can be quite a challenge. We can help make that considerably easier by providing your leaders and teams with in-house coaching and custom training programmes that strengthen practices and processes, and result in enhanced research proficiency and efficacy throughout the entire organisation.

3. Teaching and training

We are training providers with a long experience in helping people learn and understand immediately applicable business skills through interesting and enjoyable classes. We have developed open introductory and advanced level user research courses that help increase and solidy skills and competencies. Check our catalogue of remote and in-person classes to level-up your user research skills.