User Research Improvers

Learn how to make the most of each step in the research process to end up with the most robust and helpful data.


This (real-time, not pre-recorded) course aims at taking the end to end research practice of participants up a notch - or more. It's designed for people who have already been doing research themselves, yet feel they're not fully at ease with all steps, or they could be missing a few skills. For people with no experience of research, we recommend starting with the Fundamentals course.

Starting with a review of the fundamentals, we will look at all steps of the process, from brief to participants recruitment to conducting the research through to analysis of data with different lenses or perspectives, and spreading the research in an organisation. This course will noticeably help participants get a panoramic view of how to get to good research that really benefits the organisation commissioning it.


  • The point and value of user research in a corporate setting

  • Improving each step the research process

    • Getting to better research briefs

    • Preparing complex research projects (multi-lingual, international, mixed-method)

    • Managing the ongoing research activities for clarity and efficacy

    • Improving your analysis

    • Distributing the results for impact and archiving for later use

  • Active engagement of stakeholders for success

Course format and fees

This improvement level course is delivered either as

  • a 2 days intensive in-person class, 1390€ including VAT (1130€ exc. VAT). Reference RPI

  • over 5 weekly remote (real-time, not pre-recorded) sessions of 2.5 hours each, 1190€ including VAT (968€ exc. VAT). Reference RPW.

Certificate of completion

A digital certificate will be provided after full attendance of the course, ready to be added to, for example, LinkedIn. A print version will be delivered to participants of the in-person courses, or can be mailed for 10€.